Back in October, when I "revamped" things, I essentially started from scratch.

Yes, I had attached the Thing to my anime livestream show. But no one knew I was doing anison covers as "me."

Before I'd shut down the Red Comet YouTube channel, I had acquired about 20 subscribers.

Under my own channel, I currently had 49 subscribers but those were for ANIME SHIYOU!!, not the covers.

In an effort to drum up subscribers to the covers, I decided to issue a challenge: get to 100+ channel subscribers

The reward: a livestream concert.

That was back in mid-October.

Two days into January, I decided to make it a Challenge For The Month: get 100+ subscribers by 11:59pm PST on February 2 and I'd put on the concert.

Sometime on the 15th of January, I then decided to drop the challenge and just announce the concert.

February 18th. 8pm PST.

As of January 30th at 6:50pm PST, we have amassed 63 subscribers. 

If we don't count the 49 already in place for the anime 'stream, that means 14 have subscribed for the covers.

Not quite 100.

But is the subscriber count really important?

That's what I've been pondering since issuing the Challenge For The Month.

There's that concern that my videos are just "screaming into the void."

On the other hand, many of them have garnered more than 10 views. Some, even 20 or more.

One cover has broken 65+ views.

Again, not world-shaking numbers by any means. At least compared to some covers out there.

Then again, should I really be comparing myself to others? 

In that way lies madness, it is said.

But shouldn't the video views translate somehow into added subscribers?

Pondering turned up one possibility: longevity.

After all, posting as "me" only began in October, just three months ago. I'd lost the momentum of the previous four months with the revamp so it should be expected. 


Just need to give it time.

As the saying goes: slow and steady wins the race.

And as long as I'm entertaining someone with these covers, it's worth putting them out there.

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