This is the Thing I'm doing.

Singing anime song covers.

"My name is Abner, and I'm an anison cover singer."

*   *   *

It began last April, courtesy of Sakura-Con 2022.

I had gone with the intention of enjoying a fun day at the con. I'd check out merch in the Dealers' Room, catch an interesting panel or two or three, and watch some anime episodes the the viewing rooms.

And then I got a look at the programming booklet and this caught my eye:

I'm not one to say "no" to karaoke. Certainly not to any chance to sing, being the ham that I am. And I happened to know a couple of anime songs. So I thought "Sure! Why not?"

So I went.

And ended up spending the entire day in the karaoke lounge. From 10am to 9pm when I finally left the convention. Half hour for lunch. Half hour for dinner. Otherwise, I was either singing up on stage or cheering on the other folks who sang while I waited for my turn in the rotation.

And that was when I had a revelation: this is what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm supposed to be singing anime songs.

Not just singing them.

Singing them for others. Singing to an audience. An audience of like-minded anime enthusiasts.

Entertaining them with anime songs.

This was further brought home to me when, at one point, after I'd just finished singing "Uchuu Senkan Yamato," I was stepping off the stage and heading back to my seat when a woman came up to me, smile on her face, and said, "That was awesome. Totally nostalgic. Thank you for bringing back good memories."

And that's what I'm here to do. 

Bring back good memories.

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