It's the 30th of January as I'm writing this.

Roughly two weeks until my 1st livestream concert, slated for February 18th.

I've got headphones on and I'm listening to the songs from my setlist.

Equal parts excited and slightly nervous.

No--take it back. More excited than nervous.

Of course I want the evening to go smoothly and within any hiccups. So there's the nervous part there.

But I'm excited about singing for my potential audience and "bringing back good memories." Once I'm onstage, the nervousness immediately vanishes so it's all about having fun. And, I gotta tell ya, there's nothing more fun than singing fun songs for fun people.

If I had to get technical, this isn't my first livestream concert.

Back in June '21, on my anime livestream chat show ANIME SHIYOU!! I performed a short concert to celebrate my birthday. I think I did two or three songs. Maybe four?

But this upcoming one will be three times the number of songs.

Two weeks until, and there's still stuff to do. I have the gear I need...I think. I may need on more piece, not fully certain yet. Rehearsals are moving along. There will be a test stream coming up.

Honestly, I hadn't planned on a concert that fast. 

I blame it on the Peanut Gallery, aka "the People in my Cranium." I feel like they're really the ones who helped get me here.

I'll talk about them next time.

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