Post-concert Thoughts.

It's Monday, 20 February as I write this. 

The concert was this past Saturday and, overall, I feel it was a success.

A minor technical snag near the beginning--no sound.

I didn't check audio connections after hooking everything up prior to stream and didn't notice there was no outgoing sound until partway into the first number.

It's a livestream. 

It can happen. 

It's happened to me before. 

Even after a tech check prior to stream.

But it was easily resolved and not a big deal.

Fix. Move on.

Not counting the "pre-stream message" 15 minutes prior (and the tech glitch), the show ran 1 hour and 35 minutes, give or take a minute.

Interesting. I had originally figured it at about 1 hour 10 minutes: 55 minutes of music, 15 minutes of MC bits /song intros.

Somewhere, I had gained 24 minutes (give or take a minute)!

At the last full run-through, I clocked in at around 1 hour 10, 1 hour 12. 

But I think, the extended time came from additional ad-libs (not part of the"scripted" MC) and more time spent during the sing-along portion where I taught the lyrics to "Sanpo" and the Ranma 1/2 OP.

I must take that all into accout as I now re-look at what I'm envisioning the "full show" to be: a 2-hour anime song extravaganza.

The other thing I noticed was, by the time I got to the encore song, my voice was starting to fatigue and I had to make sure I was giving enough breath support to my performance. I hope it sounded okay to everyone watching/listening; some parts sounded "wobbly" to me (technical term there, "wobbly"), but the majority seemed to have been okay.

Vocal stamina will be another thing to take into account. And I think that just comes with time and practice.

Looking at statistics on YouTube, I see I had 10 people watching the stream. A big "thank you" to those 10. 

Would I have liked more?

Sure. Who wouldn't?

But that was for the stream. Current stats show 55 views since it posted as an archive.

At this point, though, I'm not going to worry too much about numbers. I think I've said this before.

Just looking at the chat stream and the reactions from those folks, and from folks who later texted me their reactions after watching, said it all. They had a fun, awesome time. They enjoyed it. 

And that's exactly the reaction I'm looking for.

Overall, yes, it was a success.

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