On September 1st, I woke to news exploding all over my Twitter feed: Amita--Maeshima Ami--was back.

Aya-chan, sweet, sweet Aya-chan, once again had a voice.

And not just any voice.

Her voice.

After all, Aya is Amita, Amita is Aya. 

Bandori fans everywhere rejoiced.

It was raining all over.

Even where I was sitting.

Now some of you might be asking; "Abner. What is the connection to your anison cover singing activites. What does this news have to do with the price of takoyaki in Osaka?"

Let me explain, Dear Reader...

In mid-Spring 2019 I discovered BanG Dream! and became an instant fan. In addition to watching the initial first two seasons, then Season 3 on its release, I scoured the Internet for information about the show, about the world of the anime, and about seiyuus, especially the members of Poppin'Party.

Three years later, when I began this musical journey, it occurred to me that Bandori was (secretly) influencing my approach.

I sing anison (anime song) covers.

Before being cast in BanG Dream!, Aimi competed in and was a finalist in the ANIMAX Anison Grand Prix. When the judges had asked if she wanted to be an idol, she replied: "I just want to sing anime songs."

Technically, I could be called a kaigai (overseas) idol.

Before she was cast in BanG Dream! Amita was formerly the leader of the idol group SUPERGIRLS.

In the anime, Aimi's character, Kasumi, wants to find that キラキラドキドキ (sparkling, heart-pounding) feeling and she finds it when she starts the band Poppin'Party with her four classmates. When the girls end up performing at the Budokan with two other girl bands, there's a scene where Kasumi is talking to Yukina, vocalist of the symphonic metal band ROSELIA. Yukina notes that Kasumi is always happy, to which Kasumi replies she is because being in a band means the sparkling, heart-pounding feelings never stop. To which Yukina replies:

Which explains why everything shines brightly near you....That smile of yours is contagious. It infects everyone around you, including other bands.

In the first Pastel Palettes live, Amita says the following:

Having this girl named Maruyama Aya come into my life...she's a reminder that having dreams is truly a wonderful feeling....I genuinely believe that Aya-chan has inspired me to dream again.

The first time I saw this clip and heard those words, I was moved to tears.

When I started this journey and ran across that very same clip by chance, the tears came again.

And now, with Amita's return, I recall those very words she uttered, and I know the tears will come.

And the dream.

I want to keep that dream going. 

I want to make everything around me shine brightly and infect everyone with my joy.

It'll be a fun.

Thank you, BanG Dream.

And thank you, Aimi and Amita.

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