First zapped by X-rays as a fetus, then struck by lightning at the age of 3, and eventually fed on a steady diet of sci-fi/fantasy novels, genre movies and television, videogames, comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, anime and manga, and role-playing games as a youth,  the man who would be king   Abner Senires eventually grew up into a wombat   a tea cosy   a strange little brown man.

He  has now waged war on   has laid siege to   laid an egg writes sci-fi pulp adventure (and sometimes ventures into regular science fiction, fantasy, and possibly horror).

He confessess to being a sci-fi/fantasy/movie/genre TV/comic book/RPG/anime/manga/weapons/firearms fan.
One day he hopes to become a firetruck.   

He lives  in his own deranged imagination   just outside Seattle, WA.

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