Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Coming to Terms

Recently I've come to terms with the extent of my writing career. A few weeks back, I tweeted:
To elaborate:

1. I embrace myself as a hack sci-fi pulp writer. These are the kinds of stories I like to write and the kinds of stories I enjoy. Essentially, a good action movie in prose. (Oh, I enjoy other kinds of stories, too. But these are the ones I find myself gravitating towards.)

2. Getting an agent will never happen. No agents are interested in short story collections or episodic fiction (which is what KAT AND MOUSE is, in essence). I've checked their submissions policy and they've said as much.

3. By extension of #2 above, getting published by a name publisher or even a smaller imprint publisher will never happen. They aren't interested in a short story collection, episodic fiction, or something already "published" online. Hence my self-pubbing route.

4. The long hoped-for membership in SFWA will not happen. I don't meet any of the membership qualifications, for starters. And I don't write anything that would even appear in a SFWA qualifying market for a 1,000-word story sale (none of them publish sci-fi pulp).

So where does that put me?

Probably on the fringes.

But that's okay. I'll work the fringe element. I'll just carry on cranking out pulp sci-fi tales.

And I'll keep blowing my horn. There are folks out there listening and enjoying what I offer. I'll keep writing stories that they enjoy.

Maybe that's you, Dear Reader.

And if not, maybe that will be you.

If so, welcome aboard. Glad to have you along for the ride.

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