Monday, August 31, 2015

One Week More!

Just a reminder, Gang, that Season 3 of KAT AND MOUSE, GUNS FOR HIRE goes live next Monday at the serial site.

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And if you need to catch up on the first two seasons, head over to the Season 1 and Season 2 archives or grab the "boxed sets."

Monday, August 24, 2015

Why I Write

For the past few weeks I've seen several of these "why I write" blog posts floating about on Twitter and it got me thinking.

In the past (including last week) I've posted about what I write.

But I've never really talked about why I write.

After much thought, here's my answer:

I'm sure some folks out there write because they want to explore some aspect of the human condition. Some likely write to advance and champion a cause that's dear to them. Some, to teach by way of an allegorical tale. Others may write because they have that certain story only they can tell the world. And still others write because they must.

To those who write because of those and/or similar reasons, I salute you.

Nothing so noble or meaningful for me.

I write to entertain.

To help in your escape from the stresses of the Real World.

I write to tak you on a pulse-pounding, exhilirating, roller coaster ride.

Or, at the very least, something close to that.

If, after reading one of my tales, you let out that breath you've been holding and say, "Wow! That was fun! Let's do it again! And then let's find another one he's written and enjoy that one, too!", then I've done my job.

That's why I write.

"But Abner," you might be saying. "What about the  bigger picture? What about writing to examine the self? Or to examine man and his connection to others, to life, the universe, and everything? In short, what about writing to advance a cause, explore the human condition, and teach through allegory? you heartless, inconsiderate bastard Don't you care about that, you heartless bastard?"

Honestly, I say let other people do that if they're so inclined. Seems to me there are enough writers out there who are doing exactly that.

Does that make me less of a writer?

I don't know.

I don't believe it does.

But if you think so, then maybe I'm not the writer for you.

Call me a hack writer if you like, if it will make you feel better.

I'll completely embrace the term.

So...once more, with feeling...

I write to entertain.

Monday, August 17, 2015

In Which I Remind Myself Yet Another Time...

I seem to require this every few months so I'm going to do it again.

This is what I write.

Friday, August 14, 2015

(Cue Chirping Crickets)

I know.

Until Tuesday's post, the blog's been pretty quiet.

Life's been a tad busy lately. The new Day Jobbe has the oddest hours and days I've ever worked so making time for various obligations has been a daily challenge. And whatever hours aren't spent with LadyAce are spent plotting and writing KAT AND MOUSE.

Which hasn't left much time for blogging.

But buck up, Campers.

Posts will return.

In fact, the next few weeks will see a few new/new-ish posts all leading up to the Season 3 premiere of KAT AND MOUSE.

After that, there'll be the weekly announcements of new installments.

And I'm sure I'll post when I've got something to muse on.

So we may go back to a quiet blog space after that.

I don't know for sure.

My priority, after Personal Obligations, is to continue feeding the Creative Well and caring for and listening to the Story Voices.

And if there's some bloggery that happens while I do that, fantastic.

And if there isn't, also fantastic.