Monday, February 24, 2014

Stephen King, How Could You?

Don't get me wrong. I've enjoyed a lot of King's novels and short fiction.

But dammit, Steve, I expected more from you. At the very least, I expect you to do your research.

In On Writing, he advises
On the whole, I think story belongs in front, but some research is ineveitable; your shirk it at your peril.
Well you shirked it here, buddy.

I recently finished Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, and a little story called "Mile 81."

While both were good reads (Doctor slightly bit better than "Mile"), in both cases I ran into a section that made my reading screech to a halt and kick me out of the story.

From Doctor Sleep:
He turned the basket so one end faced the newly arrived RV and flicked off the Glock's safety with his thumb.
From "Mile 81:"
As Jimmy approached the station wagon, he drew his Glock service automatic but left the safety on.

Glocks do not have external manual safeties.

Research Fail, sir.

Friday, February 21, 2014

In Which I Get Interviewed

No, silly--that's not me in the picture...
A month before I had my "personal incident," fellow AWer and writer bud Joshua Roots, author of Undead Chaos, interviewed me about KAT AND MOUSE for his blog.

You can read the interview here.

It was a lot of fun to do.

Big thanks to Josh for hosting me.

(photo: By Harless Todd, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Nuked Platform

As I mentioned before, nothing's pre-planned around here.

No writing advice to dispense or SF/F industry news reports. Other folks do a far better job at that.

I'll announce stuff here when there's announce-y stuff to be had.

Otherwise, just random musings on random things..

Just so y'all know.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Escapist Fiction

It's what I write.

Escapist fiction. Brain candy. A literary popcorn movie.

I have no intention of exploring life's great unanswered questions or commenting on politics or social justice.


I'm here to write feel-good action movies on paper with running gun battles, big explosions, buddy comedy patter, chills, thrills, and spills.

I'm here to entertain you.

That's it.

Just so we're clear.

If you're looking for something more, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place.

In Which Our Protagonist Had A Meltdown

Two weeks into 2014, after several months of wrestling with personal issues, an event occurred which triggered a personal meltdown. I won't get into all the sordid details but we'll just say I lost my shit.

As a result, I decided to give up on writing fiction.

I'd had it.

I'd had enough.

And I saw myself going down a dark path toward pain and total self-destruction.


Not gonna have any of that.

So I closed the door and walked away.

Shut down the website. The blog. The Goodreads. The Twitter.

The whole shebang.

I was done.



...or so I thought.

Four weeks and four days after bowing out, I woke up to that Inner Voice saying--yelling, actually--"YOU STUPID FRAKING IDIOT!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!? NUKE IT FROM ORBIT, GET YOU HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, AND GET BACK TO WORK!!!"

And it was right.

I was being an idiot.

That vision of me going down a dark path of pain and self-destruction?

Your standard bout of writerly insecurity.

Only this time it was a very intense bout.

But given the stress I've been under for most of the past year-and-a-half, it made sense.

Just the other day, on a random jaunt through the Internets, I came across this post by John Scalzi that turned out to be exactly what I needed to read.

For my online friends and fellow writer peeps who've been wondering what happened to me recently, now you know.


I'm back.

And ready to kick some writing ass.

Let's do this.

Saturday, February 15, 2014