Monday, July 15, 2013

Progress Notes

KAT AND MOUSE: Tales of Episode #208
No actual story words but I did get more plotting and back story bits worked out. I'm planning to get back into the actual writing this week.

Jericho Thingie Compilation
The formatting has begun and is progressing nicely. I'm looking at possible release of mid-August. Maybe early part of September. We'll see how things shape up.

Now I just have to design a cover.

Pulp Adventure Yarn
Ready to get writing.

Probably after Episdoe #208.

Military SF Yarn
Worldbuilding continues apace. Plus, I have a plot skeleton and back story bits working themselves out nicely. I have a few details to check on but I think in another week or so I'll have enough material to get a decent start on the actual writing.

And yes, this will be my anime mecha tribute story.

(photo: abcdz2000/stock.xchng)

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