Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Which Entities Commiserate

ADR: He's doing it again.

AD: What?

ADR: He's flipping.

AD: Where?

PW: What are you two babbling about?

ADR: There. Look. At his website.

AD: Oh yeah.

PW: Ah. Gotcha.

ADR: See? Flipping again.

PW: Can't really say I blame him.

AD: Why not?

PW: Having known him the longest, I'd say it's pretty much par for the course.

AD: The longest? Now look here. I was there when he wrote his senior project.

ADR: And I was there when he was sitting at that desk at the foot of the bunk bed listening to Star Wars on that old radio/cassette recorder. Remember? Not to mention when he picked up that single cassette version of the Hitchhiker's Guide radio drama.

PW: But where you there when his mom and dad got him the ventriloquist dummy and his dad introduced him to Mel Blanc?

AD: Uh...

ADR: Well...

PW: And where you there when he tape-recorded the audiotrack from the Starvengers cartoon (aka Getter Robo G) off Showtime and played it over and over and over and mimicked each of the characters? Or see his face when he and his friends recorded the audio track for his cheesy no-budget kung fu short film?

ADR: Hm. You have a point.

AD: Agreed.

PW: Besides, when he launched his self-named website, do you remember what he started with?

AD: Oh yeah.

ADR: Yeah, I remember.

PW: (laughs) I didn't even show up on the page until December of '09!

AD: Really? Even though he's been scribbling since--

PW: Yeah. Even though that.

AD: Wow.

PW: I wasn't kidding.

ADR: So it's not flipping.

PW: Or flopping. He just keeps circling back. Ever since that first class in, what was it, late '97? '98? And then the other classes with Elaine and Terry and Kathy and all.

ADR: Wasn't that around '01.

PW: Yeah, around then.

AD: Twelve years.

PW: Fifteen, sixteen. If you count that first class.

AD: You think you'll eventually get ousted, PW?

PW: Doubt it. He'll still be scribbling. Mine will probably be slow-going, especially if the status of the serial is any indication. ADR over there gets more play than I do.

ADR: He does enjoy these.

PW: His odder scribblings, too. And his rights rants. I think he's actually more suited to sounding off but don't let him hear you say that. He'll deny it. Flat out. Whatever works, y'know?

AD: Hey--you think he's listening to this?

PW: Probably not. We're in his subconscious, after all.

AD: Good point...

ADR: By the way, PW--sorry about knocking you out and throwing you in the broom closet.

AD: Yeah. Me, too. For using that plunger.

PW: It's done. No worries. Tell you the truth, I kinda expected it. Just don't let it happen again.

AD: You weren't out for long, were you.

PW: Excellent powers of recovery.