Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Progress Notes

Tales of Episode #207
I have to confess that the writing has been slow-going, mostly because of a certain incident with a it an "entity" for lack of a better word. (You can read about that here.)

Despite that, some work has been done to the tune of:

1,519 / 6,000

I hope to pull more teeth write more as soon as possible. Considering the current episode ends soon.


As for those other Non-K+M Projects (NKNMP) I talked about previously:

NKNMP #1 - #3: On hold.

NKNMP #4: Back from markets. No other possible markets to be found. I may need to do more checking around. Or I might just turn it into an e-book for Kindle and Nook. I haven't decided.

(photo: abcdz2000/stock.xchng)

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