Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Progress Notes

Tales of Episode #207
I have to confess that the writing has been slow-going, mostly because of a certain incident with a it an "entity" for lack of a better word. (You can read about that here.)

Despite that, some work has been done to the tune of:

1,519 / 6,000

I hope to pull more teeth write more as soon as possible. Considering the current episode ends soon.


As for those other Non-K+M Projects (NKNMP) I talked about previously:

NKNMP #1 - #3: On hold.

NKNMP #4: Back from markets. No other possible markets to be found. I may need to do more checking around. Or I might just turn it into an e-book for Kindle and Nook. I haven't decided.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Damn You, NaNoWriMo! Damn You To Hell!

Hello, Blog Readers.

As you might have seen from these two posts, an entity has now joined us.

And I blame NaNoWriMo for letting him escape from the maximum security psychiatric ward of my subconscious.

You see, the esteemed Doctor Ace T. Jericho has been out before, wreaking havoc and holy anarchic hell in '93, '01, and '07.

But he was relatively controllable then.

In late 2007, using a strategically placed carton or ten of Swedish Fish and an Underwood manual typewriter, we were able to lure him and lock him back into his ten-by-ten room with a touch lamp, cot, TV, DVD player, and a stack of books and movies.

However, he's grown powerful now. Powerful enough to bypass the wards that were thrown up around him. Wards like six layers of concertina wire, a piranha-filled moat, and a minefield.

NaNo, by its very creative nature, gave Doctor Jericho the loophole through which he crawled.

And now he is among us. He has co-opted this blog. And he has placed an uncanny mental block upon me so that I cannot delete any of his posts.

The little turd.

As I said before, may the gods have mercy on our souls.

My apologies ahead of time.

And I shake my fist and curse you, NaNoWriMo.

Friday, November 18, 2011

F*ck A Duck. He's Back.


May the gods have mercy on our souls.

In Which I Co-Opt The Signal

I am come (cue Charlton Heston voice) to bring you out of Darkness and lead you into the Light. I am here not just to instill Wisdom into the Unbelievers out there, but to ram it so far down their throats that their next bowel movement resembles a Zen garden.

And yes, I said "revered." The native tribe of a small South Pacific island called "Fred" considers me a god, a righteous, fiery deity with blazing eyes and steaming loins, and they have erected towering monuments in my honor, and named their children after me. Bless them.

And so it is time. Time once again to spread my Buttery Self upon the Slice of Toast that is The World.

Gentle Readers, I salute you from The Lair, sans pants and with coffee in hand. Join me as we examine Life through rose-colored 3D glasses...then bash it into submission with the Rubber Chicken of Truth.

You can trust me.

I'm Doctor Ace T. Jericho. Rogue Journalist.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNo Halfway Mark!!

We're half done with November and the crazy days of Thanksgiving are soon to be upon us.

How are you coming along with NaNo?

Are you also halfway to your 50K? Are you behind? Are you finished?

Share your progress!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Confession Time: Leading a Double Life

I have a confession to make. One that was prompted by NaNo.

I had decided to unofficially use NaNo Time to work on Episode #207 of Kat and Mouse.

But while writing the episode, I also found myself doing another kind of writing. One that I hadn't done in some time.

And one that's currently exploding from my fingers.

See, back in April of 2007, I started a little blog called The Madman Raves. It was a blog focused on gun rights and on exposing the misinformation campaign of gun control groups.

If you haven't guessed, I am pro-gun. And a gun owner.

Now before you all go screaming and bolting for the hills, I feel it necessary to say I'm also a firm believer of our personal freedoms and civil liberties. Privacy. Pro-choice. Religious tolerance. Gender equality. Sexual preference. Free speech. Free press.

So yes, I'm probably an odd duck.

Now--what's this writing that's exploding from my fingers?

That other blog I mentioned. Previously called The Madman Raves, it's now morphed into Confessions of an Armed Californian.

Why am I bringing it up?

In case you were curious what else I'm using my writing powers for.

If you are, pop on over to Confessions of an Armed Californian.

If you're not, no need to go.

That's fine, too.

Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here We Come A-NaNo-ing...

It's that time of year again.

NaNo time.

So tell us: Are you NaNo-ing?

Are you official? Unofficial?

Or maybe you're not NaNo-ing? Feel it's just a waste of time? Or you don't have time?