Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writer's Block Is A Myth, Motherf***ers!

Let's tackle this before we get any further along 'cuz it's gonna come up eventually.

Writer's Block.

Here's the truth:


Say it again with me: "Writer's Block is a myth."

Have you noticed no one ever talks about Plumber's Block? Or Car Mechanic's Block?

If you brought your car to the mechanic and he tells you "Sorry, I can't fix this right now, I'm not inspired," you'd take your business to someone who can fix it.

Lawyer's Block? Doesn't exist.

Doctor's block? Never happens.

But mention writing and at some point, the conversation makes its way to a discussion about "writer's block this" and "writer's block that."

Why does writing get to have a block?

Answer: It doesn't.

Say it again with me, Dudes and Dudettes: "Writer's Block is a myth."

And, sadly, it's a myth that's been making the rounds for a long time.

First things first: Get over the idea of writer's block.

Less stress when you do.

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