Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things Are Afoot, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

I mentioned the Thing last time.

That Thing is actually Teh Sekrit Projekt.

Teh Sekrit Projekt is officially underway.

It's essentially Me shaking my fist at the prevailing winds. I will either emerge triumphant, victorious, and with John Williams theme music.

Or become a lone voice howling in the wilderness.

Or get my butt kicked from here to the End of Time Itself.

We shall see.

What exactly is Teh Sekrit Projekt, you ask?

Well, if I tell you, it's no longer a sekrit, right? But I will say that you, Dear Readers, will enjoy it a lot.

As we speak (as we blog?), Teh Sekrit Projekt is now in the middle of Phase One. This phase is scheduled to be completed at the end of February.

Phase One has two components, A and B. Component A is 30% finished. Component B is 40% finished.

Phase Two is set to parallel Phase One but won't begin until mid-February.

That's all for now. Set your decoders to Ring Delta, Cipher Bravo Sierra Two-One-Niner-Niner and stay tuned for more details!

(photo: spekulator/stock.xchng)

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