Saturday, January 30, 2010

Movie Thoughts

LadyAce and I had a fun little movie marathon a couple of weeks back.

Some observations on the flicks we saw...

Pure MovieFail.

I'm not even sure why this movie needed to be made. The writing was atrocious, the acting sub-par, and the "effects" laughable. The trolls (or goblins, according to the movie) looked like Little People wearing rubber masks and brown cotton track suits.

It's like they didn't even bother to make a good movie.

The first TROLL kicks this one's ass.

I still call this Spaceship Troopers simply because there are no jumpsuits. Otherwise, it's not a bad movie. Not great. But not bad.

I did miss the newsreels and the "Would you like to know more" bits.

Brenda Strong comes back but plays a different character--Sgt. Dede Rake. If you recall, she played Capt. Deladier in the first movie. Would've been a nice nod to continuity if her character was either related to Deladier or if someone mentioned a resemblace to the Captain.

(I got the Starship Troopers box set for Christmas so we watched the other two films)

Overall, a good movie. Except for the overtly religious tone toward the end. Felt like it was being shoved in my face. Didn't care for that.

But Casper Van Dien comes back as Johnny Rico, now a Colonel. And they finally show us mechs. Not the jumpsuits of the book, but close enough for me.

And the newsreels and "Do you want to know more" bits were back.

Still, the God stuff made me go meh.

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