Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Giant Critter Fight Gone Bad

I rented this because of Debbie Gibson and to see just how cheesy it might be.

Good on Debbie--sorry, Deborah--for a movie lead. Bad on Deborah for a bad movie.

Mega Shark is top-grade bad. Bad story, bad dialogue, and lots of bad acting. Not to mention a forced romantic sub-plot that falls on its face and makes rude bodily noises.

Worse than an Uwe Boll flick. I thought Bloodrayne and House of the Dead was bad.

Hell, I thought the non-Uwe Boll Dragon Wars was pretty bad.

Mega Shark takes the cake.

Two good bits:
  • Mega Shark nabs a 747 in mid-air.
  • Deborah punches out a sub officer.
Glaring errors:
  • Half Moon Bay does not have palm trees, a lifeguard shack, or a pier.
  • San Francisco International Airport's terminal is not green and does not have palm trees in the background.
  • Treasure Island has nothing resembling the structure they depict.
  • Their San Francisco Bay has nothing remotely resembling landmarks you'd see if you were actually in San Francisco Bay (e.g. Alcatraz, the Marin headlands, either Golden Gate or Bay Bridge, etc).
And for a movie that touts giant critter fights and assorted mayhem resulting from such, there's a severe lack of either.

C'mon Asylum. I'd bet you had a shooting budget comparable to one episode of an hourlong TV show. Yet even the worst episodic looks far better than your movie. Hell--even NCIS was able to feature a more realistic submarine interior in a first season episode ("Sub Rosa") than your sad excuse.

Rent it/Netflix it if you want a groaner for the evening. Otherwise, I'd encourage you to pass and watch a classic Godzilla movie instead. It may have been a guy in a rubber suit stomping on a model city but at least they did it right.

And Deborah--please please pick a better movie next time. You did so well with your choices on Broadway. You can do the same here, too.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Part 5 of "Babysitting Blues" is now live on the site.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

On Dollhouse

A short peek at the unaired Dollhouse episode.

Seeing this makes me want to re-watch the show.

I really didn't follow after the first episode.

The Wife and I heard about the show and checked out episode one. I thought it had an interesting premise; deep cover taken to the next level/the extreme. She thought it was sexist/exploitative; women as the ultimate man's plaything.

Friday nights were busy so I taped the next two episodes.

Unfortunately, I never got to go back and watch them.

Rather than miss out on the storyline coming into episode 4 (and I was pretty sure there was an arc of some sort in progress), I decided to pass.

I think I'll be picking up the DVD.

(h/t: Big Dumb Object)

And We Are Live...

Following up on yesterday's post about the song parody blog...

The Song Parody Dude site is finally up and running.

With 3 free sampler MP3s. And a link to join the Email Club where I can send you announcements, the latest news, and any event notifications.

Yes. Event notifications.

The possibility of live performances did begin to speculate about the merest probability of crossing my mind.*

But I think some other things need to be done before I get to that point.

*Thank you, Douglas Adams, for that line.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Sing the Blog Post Electric...

As you can see from my earlier post, I have started a blog for all my song parody atrocities activities. There might be a cross-post here and there but I'm thinking that anything related to sing-y things will go specifically on the other blog.

The site is called Songs in the Key of Geek.

Dune, Cheesiness, and David (don't)Hassel(the)hoff

(cross-posted at Songs in the Key of Geek)

A few weeks back, SF Signal posted this segment of the musical Jekyll and Hyde featuring Mitch Buchannon David Hasselhoff in the lead.

That immediately brought to mind this little performance.*

At about the same time, my favorite writing forum was discussing Dune.

Which called to mind the David Lynch movie in all its grandiosity.

All four elements then combined in a freak lightning shot to the brain/Victor Frankenstein-Colin Clive "It's alive!" moment to produce this little number.

I now subject you to it.

*Don't ask how I found that. I did. I admit it. And don't look at me like that...

Monday, July 6, 2009

In Which a Song is Mentioned...

Last week I wrote another song parody, this time about Raine Benares, the main character in Lisa Shearin's fantasy novel Magic Lost, Trouble Found. Set to the tune of "That's Amore."

Here's the song.

I emailed Lisa about the song and asked for some assistance with name pronunciation.

Today, Lisa mentioned the song (and linked to it) in her blog.


Thanks, Lisa! You rock.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Doing What?

In addition to working on an upcoming episode of the serial, I've found myself writing songs.

Song parodies to be exact.

These suckers are fun.

Here's a sample.

And yes, that's me on vocals.


I'll post more as I finish them.