Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Welcome Back and Progress Notes

Hey, Gang! Welcome back to the blog.

Been lots of Personal Things going on since the last Progress Notes post. Let's just say Life kicked me in the crotch and then whacked me in the head with a lead pipe. And I'm not talking about the stroke. That was in 2016.

No, the Crotch Kick happened in April last year and the following Lead Pipe Bashing was this past December.

But that's past now.


Onward to new things

* * *


To tell y'all the truth, the same projects I talked about in the last Progress Notes post are still in the Hopper as we speak, namely:

KAT AND MOUSE: Tales of Season Four
Ideas have gathered themselves and I am in the midst of sorting through and doing plotting and breakdowns. I won't get specific here yet until things narrow themselves down into something resembling an episode (or episodes).

Steampunk Pulp Adventure Yarn
Worlduilding and backgrounding as done as it'll get. Plotting stage. I already have fun bits partially worked out.

Bay City PD Story
Preliminary opening down. Character backgrounding more or less finished. There may be more, don't know yet. More plotting to do. Also time to look over my map and notes for Bay City for story purposes.

Steampunk Military SF Yarn
Taking another look-see. Possibly tweaking. Will have to go back to my stack of notes.

Now before I dive in to tackle these, I have one more thing to do.

And I'll talk about that in tomorrow's post so stay tuned.

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