Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Serial Lives! No, Really! I Swear! It's True!

As I noted in this post, KAT AND MOUSE did resume with Season 3 back on September 7th. And in recent serial news updates, you can see the latest installments are posted.

But it looks like I didn't quite do my "due dilligence."

By chance the other day I happened to wander over to the Web Fiction Guide's listing for KAT AND MOUSE and discovered it had been tagged as "abandoned" and "unfinished."

Look at the red arrows!

What?! Unfinished? NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Abandoned?!? KHAAAAAAAANNNN!!!

Not true, KAT AND MOUSE Readers! Not true at all!

We are, in fact, back on.

Granted, we were on an extended hiatus due to extenuating circumstances.

But no longer.

I'll be contacting the fine folks over at WFG to let them know the Ladies are back.

Did you get here from the KAT AND MOUSE serial site? Click here to get back there and read more cyberpunk pulp goodness.

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  1. And as soon as it's on Smashwords, I will be happy to give you my money! :-)