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Friday, October 23, 2015

The 7/7/7/7 Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, fellow writer and AW denizen Maggie Maxwell tagged me in the 7/7/7/7 Challenge.

I had no control over it, obviously.

There I was, in the Congo, when I felt the sharp sting on the side of my leg.

Looked, saw the dart protruding from my thigh, the attached tag reading: "I have tagged you thusly. Also, there may or may not be poison."

I huffed. "Thusly," indeed.

And then the jungle around me exploded in a symphony of noise and heaving earth and foilage. The shockwave catapulted me through the undergrowth, snapping vines and low-hanging branches, down a sixty-foot slope, and into a croc-infested lagoon.

Lucky for me, the crocs had already feasted on taquitos and chimichangas so I was safe for the next six moments whilst I recovered my wits which had washed up on the lagoon shoreline.

Whilst, indeed.

Now, onto the Challenge.

Here's how it works: The damned tagged pick their WIP, turn to the seventh page, count down to the seventh line, share the next seven sons lines, and then tag seven other unfortunate souls writers to share their own.

The current WIP is, of course, an upcoming KAT AND MOUSE episode called "Devil's Night."

And, lo! the excerpt:
"You're the one who--"

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Shut up."

"Fine," I said, fighting back a grin. "Now focus."

"Fine," said Mouse.


Five minutes later, at 20:00 on the dot, two pairs of SUV headlights rounded the corner of xx and xx and rolled east toward us. The first pair of headlights pulled to a stop in front of the salvage yard.
/end excerpt

Now, I will tag some peeps...


For the curious, the "xx" in the above excerpt are placeholders. At this point in the writing process, I don't know the names of the streets in question so I put those there to keep me writing instead of coming to a screeching halt just to go back through my notes and city map just to find street names.

I'll fix that during the first revision pass.

See? You learn mysterious Writery things! What fun!

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