Thursday, October 8, 2015

Progress Notes: Back In The Saddle, Y'all

We're back.

As you may already know, KAT AND MOUSE began Season 3 back on September 7th and five installments are now live at the serial site. Check the current archives to catch up on the story.

For those of you just joining us for "Progress Notes" this post explains what this series of posts is all about.

And now, to progress...

KAT AND MOUSE: Tales of Episode #304
We are in the middle of drafting and are at:

2,510 / 6,000

The plan is to get the draft done in the next two weeks and the final version queued up by mid-November.

KAT AND MOUSE: Tales of Episode #303
When I last did a Progress Notes post I mentioned this episode would be called "Kung Pao Killshot."

I've since changed the title to "Shanghai Squeeze" and it's now queued up ready to go live in about 2 weeks.

Still, a hat-tip goes out to fellow writer Regan Summers for the "throwaway suggestion" (read that last Progress Notes post for the details).

Did you get here from the KAT AND MOUSE serial site? Click here to get back there and read more cyberpunk pulp goodness.

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