Tuesday, October 6, 2015

KAT AND MOUSE News and Updates Now Linked Here

For quite some time I've been posting updates on KAT AND MOUSE here on the blog. Usually anything to do with episodes, serial news, and so on.

But it only occurred to me recently that the folks who'd probably be really interested in hearing about that would actually be the folks who read the serial. And I don't post such things on the serial site because that's specifically for the serial story (not counting announcements of breaks and hiatuses [hiati?]).

So I've now set up a link on the serial site (desktop and mobile version) that sends folks to this blog and to the category/label for KAT AND MOUSE news.

Did you get here from the KAT AND MOUSE serial site? Click here to get back there and read more cyberpunk pulp goodness.

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