Sunday, December 21, 2014

What's Next?

After yesterday's revelation, you're probably wondering what happens now.

As you can see from the changes on this blog and over at the website, I'm on a whole new path. One that I should have been on from the very beginning.

The books that I've released will stay released.

The Kat and Mouse Facebook page will come down but the serial site itself will stay up and running. Maybe some time down the road, I'll post a new episode. If I do, awesome. But it won't be my primary focus.

I'll also be taking down my Facebook "artist" page. I'm finding I don't do a whole lot with Facebook and it seems silly to let it go unused for so long. So down it goes.

To my Kat and Mouse fanpeeps and readers, another salute goes out to y'all. You guys are awesome. Thanks for being fans of the Ladies.

To all my compatriots in the writing mines, I salute you. Thank you for your support. To my AW Peeps, I salute you, too. You guys, rock. I will continue to tweet and RT any and all of your upcoming writing goodness.

And speaking of tweeting, yes, I'll still be on Twitter.

This little spot on the Intertubes will still me a place for me to sound off about random stuff. Again, no real "platform." Just musings. And maybe a note or two about something I read or saw or heard. And whatever personal news happens to come up that I feel might be of interest to all-y'all.

And maybe something silly and fun that I might have come up with.

We'll see.


...let's really do this.

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