Thursday, August 14, 2014

Progress Notes

KAT AND MOUSE: Tales of Episode #301 & #302
Preliminary edits and revisions done and back from LadyAce. On to the next round.

KAT AND MOUSE: Tales of Episode #303
This ep is in the middle of getting outlined. It was actually a "throwaway suggestion" from fellow writer Regan Summers on Twitter. I can't remember the exact details of the conversation but it ended with the phrase "Kung Pao Killshot" and the idea that Kat and Mouse had to deal with Bay City's Triad gang(s). A further conversation with LadyAce turned up some story details.

And now I'm hashing out the storyline.

Hopefully ready to begin writing next week.

And, yes, that's the title of the episode. "Kung Pao Killshot."

Sword & Sorcery Yarn
This one floated back up to the surface earlier this week and started waving its arms for attention. I'd been having issues with the story flow and couldn't seem to make a dent in it.

So I went back to my worldbuilding and story notes and finally worked through a structural issue that had been keeping the story from moving ahead.

I now have something to hang the tale on and will be outlining in the next couple of days.


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