Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dammit, Black Library! Stop Your Lying!

Black Library does good stuff.

In particular, I like their Gotrek and Felix novels. Initially written by William King. Later, by Nathan Long and others. Joyously fun fantasy adventure fare.

I am a subscriber to their email newsletters and the most recent one is why I'm telling them to cut it out with the lying.

Here's the bit that chapped my hide.
Iceclaw is identified as "A Space Wolves audio drama."

Now if you actually click the link to listen to the extract what you get is not an audio drama.


No no no no.

This is an audiobook. An audiobook that happens to include music and sound effects.

It is not, in any way, shape, or form, an audio drama.

It reminds of the time a while ago when, while browsing their online store, I found Slayer of the Storm God, a Gotrek and Felix adventure. I was thrilled to find more tales featuring my favorite Slayer and his rememberer.

And an audio drama no less!

Hot diggity damn...!

And then I heard the excerpt.


Same as the above.

Audiobook with music and sound effects.

A pox on you, Black Library!

This is false advertising!

You say "audio drama" right there on the product detail page. Right next to the title.

But it is not an audio drama.

It is an audiobook.

Don't call it an "audio drama."

Not unless you're going to give me something like the Doctor Who audio dramas by Big Finish. Or the various dramatizations written/produced/directed by Dirk Maggs.


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