Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Truth About Gun Control

It's right there in the name.


Oh, they'll dress it up. "Against Violence." "Against Gun Violence." "To Prevent Violence." "To Prevent Gun Violence." "For Public Safety." "Do It For The Children."

Lots of variations.

But the idea behind it is still the same: ban the private ownership of firearms.

They won't say it outright.

But if you look closer at their policies, you'll see it.

And why do they want to ban the private ownership of firearms?

"Firearms contribute to violence," they'll say. "If you own a firearm, then you contribute to violence. But if you remove the firearm, then you remove the violence."

And how do you remove the firearm?

You pass legislation that bans ownership of a firearm.

Sounds reasonable, right?

But what Gun Control Advocates either continually forget or blatantly ignore is the fact that there are people in our society who will not follow those laws. There are members of our population who will disobey.

They're called criminals.

The same ones who burglarize, rob, rape, and murder.

Consider this: there are laws against murder, right?

Yet murders still happen.


Because someone isn't obeying the law.

What makes a law banning private possession of a firearm more "obey-able" than a law prohibiting the murder of another person?

Why would someone who willingly commits rape, robbery, and murder suddenly say "ZOMG! A law prohibiting the private ownership of firearms. I will continue to rape and rob and murder but I must--simply MUST--follow this one."

When you take a closer look at the issue, beyond the emotional arguments and the scaremongering, you'll find that Gun Control Advocates don't care one whit about punishing those who commit crimes.

They just don't want you, the private, law-abiding citizen, to have firearms.

And that's the truth about gun control.

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