Saturday, September 21, 2013

In Which I Let My Flag Fly

Given certain recent events in the news, I have decided to come clean.

Yes. It's true.

I'm here to tell you all that I'm a Gun Rights Activist.

For a long time I've blogged about gun rights at two blogs--The Madman Raves and, later, Confessions of An Armed Californian (shortened, also later, to The Armed Californian).

Keeping multiple blogs, however, takes up precious energy and time. Therefore I am consolidating my efforts and posting such opinions on this blog.

And since mass shootings always seem to bring out ill-informed pundits who feel they must lump me in with such monsters, it's time to fight back with informed punditry.

In tomorrow's post, I'm going to look at a recent blog post I came across and I'll show you a couple of problems with the content.

Incidentally, if you want a great overview piece on gun control, I point you to fellow sci-fi author Larry Correia's blog post on the subject.

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