Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Progress Notes

Tales of Episode #207 
Dead on the table. LadyAce pointed out a glaring bit of bad story logic that I completely missed. And with it, the rest of the story fell apart.

So the entire episode got scrapped.

Instead, certain elements wound its way into a re-working of the bridging episode "Entr'acte" which I have now pulled from the serial's site and will release the reworked version soon.

Tales of Episode #206-B 
I talked about #206-B in this previous Progress Notes post.

We are currently at
4,063 / 6,000
and going slow at the moment.

I highly doubt it'll be ready by the first week of November as I mention here.

Tales of Episode #208 
Waiting to be worked on.

And there you have it, Folks. The slow progress on #206-B is a little frustrating at the moment. But I'm sure it'll work itself out. After all, it did barf itself early on.

I'm hoping it'll re-barf soon.

For now, it is, as Stephen King puts it, like shoveling shit from a sitting position.

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