Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reviews and Balticon

Here's the latest review of the Ladies from Science Fiction and Fantasy Review.

And another from Nelo's Bookshelf Reviews.

And one I recently ran across from New Robbins Valley.

Many thanks to the reviewers for their time.

Now here was something I also ran across recently--the Ladies got a mention in a panel for Balticon 46.

Check it out:
NM-48 Serialized Science Fiction: the New Pulps?
Monday, 11:00 AM, Derby (50 minutes)
Panelists: Andrew Eckhart, Brand Gamblin, P. G. Holyfield, Paul D. Lagasse, Gary L. Lester, D. C. Wilson
Moderator: Phil Kahn
The recent announcement by HiLobrow (www.hilobrow.com) that they would be serializing classic “radium age” novels on their website is perhaps the most high-profile example of an emerging trend in online publishing — serialized science fiction. Is the serial the ideal form for sub-novel length science fiction in the age of smartphones? The range of serial ventures is impressive. For example, Ray Gun Revival (www.raygunrevival.com) publishes original stories by published science fiction authors; Kat and Mouse: Guns for Hire (www.katandmouseserial.com) is a standalone serial novel; Temporal Tales (www.temporaltales.com) publishes serialized stories on Twitter; and Channel 37 (www.channel-37.net) publishes novella-length stories, ongoing series, and anthology-style stories. It’s not just written science fiction that uses the serial format, either: webcomics like Spacetrawler, Valkyrie Squadron, and DRIVE, as well as audio serials such as Tales to Terrify and The Secret World Chronicle all serialize their stories too.
That would've been a fun panel to have attended.

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