Monday, July 16, 2012

Curse You, Chuck Wendig!!!

NaNoWriMo 2011 brought Doctor Jericho out of my mental depths.

And now, as a result of Chuck Wendig's command to squirt my grapefruit,"entity" has emerged from the same depths as Jericho.

Who is that "entity"?

It's The Audio Dramatist.

Who first emerged after I finished listening to the Star Wars radio dramatization back in the 80s and then wrote fifty-some pages of a Raiders of the Lost Ark audio dramatization using the Marvel comic book adaptation as the basis.

Who planted the idea of writing an audio dramatization of David Eddings's The Belgariad into my brain when I was in high school.

Who continued to prod me about the Belgariad audio dramatization all during college.

Who decided to write an original sci-fi audio drama about a futuristic SWAT team, in six parts, as my college senior project.

Who, two years ago, wrote the first five pages of a Pawn of Prophecy audio dramatization.

Who, after getting irked at Black Library's "not real" Gotrek and Felix audio drama Slayer of the Storm God, wrote an audio dramatization of "Geheimnisnacht" from Trollslayer (from the Gotrek and Felix First Omnibus) and sent a sample of the first scene to Black Library via their Open Window Submission (which closed on June 30th).

Who, after being irked by GraphicAudio's "not real" full-cast production of Elizabeth Moon's Trading in Danger and by the sample (from Chapter Seven in the book) presented on GraphicAudio's webpage, wrote an audio dramatization of that very same scene just to feel better.

Who is not interested in writing original stories but wants to adapt existing works.

And who is now bugging me to find things to adapt as an audio drama despite the issues that brings up.


I blame Chuck Wendig for this.

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