Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"More Notes From The End Days" by Dr. Ace T. Jericho, Rogue Journalist

"I'm not convinced," Anne said from her desk, "that the world will end on December 31st."

"Even though Duke and Mallory Braus have talked about it?" I said.

"Even then. Because The Hobbit, Part One comes out the same month."

"The Armored anthology by John Joseph Adams comes out in late-March," I said.

"And the restraining order against you is still in effect. Besides, March is too early. December supposedly marks the end. But I disagree."

"March is also the time of WonderCon," I said.

And it was. But WonderCon was in Anaheim this year, owing to renovation at the Moscone Center. There was something not quite right about those so-called "renovations," something that gnawed at my insides like Graboids, and I had a few calls out on it.

Anne and I had originally planned to partake in the glorious three-day extravaganza but now it was not in the cards. "They show a three of cups, a six of diamonds, and a Seven of Nine," she'd said, "which is the symbol of a narwhal lost amid the lilacs. Not a good sign."

Indeed. Not a good sign.

"I've been doing some research on this whole dastardly business," said Anne, gesturing to her laptop. "It all just points to a new cycle beginning. And if you look at 2012 numerologically, it adds up to 5."

"Five?" I said. "Five is right out."

"But in the Mayan calendar, every date expressed in long count terms contains five numerals. And Agrippa showed Man inscribed in the five points of a pentagram."

"And Agrippa cancels out Thibault canceling out Capo Ferro."

"Different Agrippa. That was Camillo. This one is Heinrich. And Heinrich's diagram, oddly enough, corresponds to the image of Vitruvian man."


"Vitruvian Man, Jericho. DaVinci?"

"You mean--!"

"Yes. Part of the Code."

"Ah, yes. The Konami Code."

"No no," said Anne. "The other Code."

"The Source Code?"

"The other other Code."

Realization finally dawned like an ice cube down the back of my shirt. How could I've been so blind? Science, it was. And The Light.

"Oho!" I said. "Code Geass."

"Jericho," said Anne. "I'm talking about the DaVinci Code."

"But that was about the Sacred Feminine being left out of Christianity," I said. "What's that got to do with beginning a new cycle?"

"You just answered your own question."

"I did?"

"Think about it."

And then it hit me. Like a ballpeen hammer to the temple. Sacred feminine. New cycle. Of course!

Sweet Mother of Dingos!

I gaped at Anne. "Are you saying--!"

Anne nodded, smiling. "Yes," she said. "The Universe is simply ending her period."

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