Friday, October 7, 2011

"Read By..."

The other night I happened to land on Clarkeworld's website and noticed the link to "audiofiction."

And saw the notation: "Read by".

And it suddenly hit me--there are peeps doing this online! Right now!

Narrating fiction!

Holy testicle Tuesday! I gotta get in on this!

I mean, I've already had experience acting in audiodramas.

And I did narrate one bit of audiofiction.

So, in conjunction with me finding out how to get started narrating for places like Clarkesworld, I'm also gonna hang out my shingle as an audiobook narrator. Dramatic readings for SF/F flash, shorts, novelettes, and novellas.

Okay. Not quite audiobooks. More like audiofiction.

You get the picture.

Click the link to "Narration" up there under the header for my rates and contact info.

Here's hoping to work with you soon!

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