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Friday, July 22, 2011

Progress Notes

Tales of Episode #206

We are now at:
3,825 / 6,000

Still chugging along. Possibly finishing the draft by the first week of August (?).


In addition, I now have two other non-K+M projects (NKNMP) taking shape and asking begging to be written.
  • NKNMP #1: a swashbuckling fantasy story, possibly a long short story, maybe a novella.

  • NKNMP #2: a portal fantasy of undetermined length that, interestingly enough, involves the same world as NKNMP #1. Which made the worldbuilding part kinda simple. (And I say "made" because I've spent that last week-ish sketching out the world basics.)
There's also a possible NKNMP #3 that's bubbling to the surface, this one set in K+M's Bay City. But it's still bubbling so nothing further on that.

Yes. That's right. My head's on its way to exploding.

(photo: abcdz2000/stock.xchng)

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