Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Idea Overthink

I see this a lot in writing forums. Folks will post and ask "Does this sound like a good idea?" Or "What do you think of this idea?"
Just stop.
Stop thinking. Start writing.
Ideas are everywhere. Everybody and their dog has an idea. (We talked about this last time, remember?)
What counts is the execution of that idea.
Think about it for a sec.
 Idea: Boy and girl from two different world/societies fall in love despite differences. 
Execution: Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story. Titanic. Avatar.

Here's another--
 Idea: Two mismatched cops become friends and partners and solve the case. 
Execution: Lethal Weapon. Rush Hour. Miami Vice. Bad Boys.

One more--
Idea: Zombie invasion. 
Execution: Night of the Living Dead. 28 Days. Resident Evil. World War Z.

Getting the point yet?
Now stop overthinking and get back to writing.

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