Monday, June 13, 2011

No. Not Alone.

Fellow blogger EEV recently ran a post called "The Loneliness of Pursuing Your Dream."

This part stood out:
Pursuing your dream is a lonely task. You can have online friends who want the same as you, and still, you're lonely. You can have, like me, a person very close of you who share your dream of long-time-hard-work-penning-words. I have my Husband. And he understands me, and I understand him, but still, each one of us has their own work to do, their own buttons to push, their own craft to polish.
It immediately called to mind a similar post I'd done sometime back on that same topic, the loneliness of the writing life.

To me, though, the loneliness is temporary because
Yes, our work is often done alone. By ourselves. And nobody sees our struggles. But remember that your fellow writers are also in the same boat. Sometimes, looking up to see what your compatriots are doing can make you see that you're not really alone.

Because you're not.
And I say it's still true.

(photo: loleia/stock.xchng)

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