Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How To Be A Writer And Kick Ass

In order to kick ass as a writer, you gotta do four things:
  • Write
  • Submit to Market
  • Grow a Thick Skin
  • Write More
For the love of all that's holy--write. Don't talk about writing. Don't go to a coffee shop with your laptop and pose. You don't need a $5,000 computer. You don't need a huge mahogany desk.

At the very least you need a pen and a notebook or legal pad or loose leaf paper. Go to Staples or some other office supply store and buy a 2-pack of the Pilot G2 gel pen and a pack of the yellow or white writing pads.

There. You've got your equipment.

Next up?


Write your short story. Write your novella. Write your novel.

Whatever it is, sit your ass down and write it.

Begin at the beginning or some other good spot in the story.

And write.


When your story is done and you've revised, edited, and polished it, send it out to your chosen markets.

If you don't know what markets you should send them to, find out. Do the legwork. Check out Writer's Market. If you're going for short fiction, look it up on Duotrope or For agents, go find them on AgentQuery or similar.

If your story doesn't make it to market, it's been rejected.

Rejections are gonna happen. Your story may not be right for the market or it may not be right for the editor. Maybe, it's not even right for the editor at that time.

Doesn't matter. When it comes back, suck it up and send it back out to the next market on your list.

Again. Back to this.

Write write write write.

Then write some more.

* * *

Got all that?


Now go get writing.

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