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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wanna Help With the KAT AND MOUSE Release Day Buzz?

Calling out to all my interweb and blogging buds out there.

As I mentioned yesterday, KAT AND MOUSE, GUNS FOR HIRE officially releases on May 2nd. I'm hoping you can join me in a Release Buzz to help spread the word.

It's simple. On May 2nd, just blog, tweet, or do a status update on Facebook about the release.

If you want to add a blurb about the book, I can send that blurb to you, no problem. Then just copy and paste.

Leave a comment below with your email to let me know you're on board. Or go ahead and email me at: abner [AT] abnersenires [DOT] com. Once I have your info, I will send you the blurb to use.

And if you have friends or know folks who might enjoy sci-fi/cyberpunk action-adventure, pass the word.

Thanks in advance for your assist.

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