Friday, April 29, 2011

Parade of F**ktards Idiots

(Soapbox time...)

These people suck big donkey danglies.

Yes. I'm talking to you, Wendy and Shanette Apple . And to you, too, Deanna Stepp and Drew Hollenbech.

Are you serious?

You're telling her what she's allowed to do in her own personal time? Away from teaching?

You planning to run her life for her?


No you don't.

Get stuffed and leave her the fuck alone.

Shame on you, WNEP16, for running this story.

And shame on the people of Snyder County, PA who side with the likes of Wendy Apple and Deanna Stepp and others like them.

"A pleasant place" to live?

Not for shit like this.



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