Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cyberpunk Writers Do Dark Fantasy

Saw this over at io9: Why do so many former cyberpunk authors now write dark fantasy?

Much of the shift seems to be because cyberpunk has come true:
There's also no denying that many of cyberpunk's preoccupations have caught up with the present. And the idea of forming your identity in a virtual space no longer feels futuristic or science fictional. To some extent, cyberpunk has come true — and you have the choice of either writing about the present-day real world, or else moving into a world that feels further removed from our own.
...fantasy lends itself to noir quite easily. Where cyberpunk borrowed from noir motifs to explore a dark, urban environment, urban fantasy (and some epic fantasy) now does the same thing, depicting characters with shades of gray, corrupt ruling systems, and copious amounts of weirdness that ordinary people can't see.
As a writer not only of SF/F pulp adventure but also of cyberpunk, I gotta say something.

What I quoted above might be true for the writers they mention in the article.

But me?

I'm drawn to the tech of cyberpunk. Tech that's a little beyond what's in our world now.

Fully-functional limb and organ implants, both meat and metal. Jacking into your computer. Implant chips for immediate knowledge and "I know Kung Fu" skillsets.

And the guns.

I likes me the guns.

Says Pat Cadigan in the article:
I am a servant to the story. When the story comes to me, it tells me what it is and I go with that.

Also the guns.

I likes me the guns.

(artwork: Doug Anderson-Cyberpunk 2020 2nd Edition; JP Targete-Purifier/artwork mash-up: me)

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