Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Which I Further Ponder Coal-Raking

Earlier I worried about getting raked over the coals.

After a little more thinkery, I've come to this conclusion.

Screw it.

I'm writing escapist fiction. Popcorn Lit.

I'm not interested in making a statement about society.

No. Seriously.

I'll leave that job to my fellow writers who want to do that. I'll let them explore the human psyche and write allegories about social issues.


I'm gonna write about running gun battles. Sword fights. Explosions. Harrowing escapes.

General ass-kickery.

And if some folks out there decide to rake me over the coals?

Rake away, dude. Rake away.

(photo: andyh1988/stock.xchng)

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