Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Which Coal-Raking Is Mentioned

Over at Hal Duncan's SFWA post on minorities and gender equality in SF/F I came across this comment:
So, what do we do, when an overwhelming number of SF&F writers are straight white males? Trying to write outside your own race/sexuality, even if you’re genuinely inspired to do so, usually gets you raked over the coals by the genuine article.
Then I looked at KAT AND MOUSE and immediately thought: I'm a guy writing about two women, one of which is the narrator, 1st person POV. Shit--I'm screwed.

But then a moment later I thought: Wait--it passes the Bechdel Test so it can't be all bad, right?

Then I was reminded of a post by Jim Hines on this. Jim notes:
To me, the test is a way to illustrate how few stories actually have multiple female characters, and if so, they’re often present simply as “accessories” to our male heroes.
So then I thought: KAT AND MOUSE haz BechdelWin!

And then I thought: I need to stop getting all thinkery and get back to writing some SF/F kick-assery.

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