Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KAT+MOUSE, Pie, and Shameless Self-Promotion In Action

LadyAce and I were in a Carrows the other night ordering slices of pie and wearing black, hooded, KAT AND MOUSE sweatshirts.

The waitress at the counter looked at us and said, "What's Kat and Mouse?"

I told her.

Her face lit up. "That sounds awesome!" She flipped her order pad to a blank sheet, pulled a pen from her apron, and wrote down the URL.

"Tell me something," she went on. "Is it highly inappropriate content?"

"Yes," LadyAce and I chorused.

The waitress went saucer-eyed. Then an impish grin splashed across her face. "I like it already!"

And that, Dear Readers, is the power of advertising matching sweatshirts.


  1. Matching sweatshirts that feature, say, deformed kittens draw in puff paints draw, oddly enough, the opposite reaction.

    A shame, that.

  2. It is a shame.

    Where's the love for deformed puff paint kittehs?