Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prelude to "Progress Notes"

Now to share with you Dear Readers the goings-on whilst I write the Duo's escapades. Think of it as running commentary as I work. I'll call 'em "Progress Notes."

It'll be a hoot.

(Yes, I did use the word "hoot.")

(Yes, I'm probably old. But not that old.)

I like to think of K+M as a TV show so I borrow a lot of their naming conventions. Episodes are usually noted as "Season # + Episode # (01 - up)." So the first episode of the first season is usually something like "101." Next episode, "102." Or some variation of that.

We're currently on Episode 108, at work on 109, and coming to the close of the first season. (Since it's a short one, maybe I'll do as the Brits do and call it "Series One." heh.)

I plot out in Four Acts. Probably a bad habit when used for fiction but I find that it keeps a kind of structure to each story/episode.

And yes, I have answered the question: I'm a plotter/planner.

Total word counts of each episode vary. Usually in the neighborhood of 7,000 to 8,000 words. I'll update the current word count but I won't note percentage of the completed piece on a counter or anything like that simply because I don't know how long the final piece will be. (Compare: "Rest Stop" at 1,900 words vs. "Easy Money" at 27,000 words)

Sound good to you?

Sounds good to me.

Then let's get to it.

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