Monday, October 5, 2009

In Which The Serial Is Reviewed

Frances Gonzalez, weblit author of Tales of Pneuma and the Lighthouse Chronicles, reviewed the serial over at her site.

She had some very nice things to say about our duo. Have a read.

Here's the bit that gets me rather giddy:
The narration of Kat, laden with fluid slang, is on the mark, consistent and quick, and the highlight of the series. By turns sardonic, tough, kind, witty and deadpan, she is more than fit narrator – she’s a riot.

Thanks, Frances!

Incidentally, prior to Frances' review, Linda Schoales at the Web Fiction Guide also reviewed the first few installments.

This was several months ago, actually.

You can read Linda's review here.

Thanks, Linda! And thanks, again, Frances!

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