Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why the Stigma?

I recently ran across this post from digital-media author MCM about self-publishing. It automatically brought to mind another post on self-publishing but from a perspective completely opposite MCM's.

I've heard this sort of thing before, that anything self-published is automatically crap.

But it got me thinking...

Indie musicians and indie filmmakers are typically praised when they don't bow down to the great corporate studio/production company juggernaut. People say "Good for them! They made the music they wanted to make and didn't turn into another cookie-cutter boy band." Or "Good for them! They didn't sacrifice their filmic vision for another cookie-cutter Hollywood piece of garbage."

Yet when people hear someone self-published a book, they immediately say "Oh. Couldn't get a real publisher. Must be because the book is crap. Loser."

Another medium that often self-publishes without any ill feelings: indie comic books. Not everyone out there writes/draws/inks/colors for Marvel, DC, or Dark Horse. Some folks do it all on their own. Just ask Dave Sim, for one.

So I ask: why?

Why is the indie musician praised for essentially self-publishing his album of punk-country-speed metal songs but the self-published novelist is criticized?

What say you?

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