Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kat Richardson Signing

Last night I headed out to San Francisco and the Borders at Union Square for a signing event with Kat Richardson.

It was a grand time. Kat read from her newest Harper Blaine novel Vanished. "The Funny Section," she called it.

Yep. Very funny. Can't wait to get to it.

Although I have to confess: I knew of Greywalker and the rest of the series but they fell into my personal trap of taking note of a book/series, thinking "Hey! Cool book/series" but then promptly getting distracted by something else and forgetting.

It wasn't until Jim Hines mentioned the new book a few weeks ago that it fell back on my radar.

And learned about the signing.

And picked up the first three books.

Overall, it was a fun evening. I even got the honor of being one of her minions for the evening.

Hmmm. What a fun title. "Kat Richardson's Minion."

Would that be the same as being part of her "street team"?


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