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Thursday, January 8, 2009

KnM News

WEB MENTIONS. Dave at QuasarDragon continues to keep tabs on our new installments. Thanks a million, sir. You're all kinds of win in our book.

STORY UPDATES. The next KnM escapade is back again on the worktable. Just need to iron out a few things and then it's off to edits and revisions. I should be finished with this one by month's end. I think.

This will be Episode 5. A short one. Involving breakfast foods and assault rifles.

Episode 6 is currently in the planning stages. Jess (my lovely wife) suggested a few story bits that I like a lot and will be incorporating. I probably won't get to the actual writing of 6 until 5 is done.

That's all for now.

(cross-posted to The Red Dog Bar*)

*What's The Red Dog Bar? For those following the serial, it's a behind-the-scenes blog where I hope to include fun bits about the making and writing of KnM as well as the spot for serial news (which will get cross-posted here). If you're curious, have a look.

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