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Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting 'Borged

Traipsing through the Intarw3bz revealed this eye-opening post (no pun intended).

Seems Tanya lost her left eye in a car accident and is exploring the possibility of
capitalizing on the current advancement of technology to enhance the abilities of my prosthesis for an augmented reality.
In the original post on her blog, Tanya lists some of the augmentations she's looking at. Among these:
  • DVR
  • MPEG-4? Recording
  • Built in SD mini Card Slot
  • 4 GB SD mini Card
  • Mini A/V out
  • Firewire / USB drive
  • Optical 3X
  • Remote trigger
  • Bluetooth wireless method
How frikkin' awesome would that be?

CyberEye. I haz one.

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