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Sunday, December 7, 2008

In Which Our Hero Talks About Projects

Writing projects, that is.

'Cuz I'm a writer and all.

Kat and Mouse: After a little bit of prep work and some light outlining, I've begun the next adventure. I'm expecting to finish a first draft by (hopefully) mid-January. It looks to be a short-ish tale. Once finished, it'll post in September as the 5th "episode" of the series.

Short Story Update: The shapeshifter story, which has undergone several revisions, goes through yet another before it goes back out to market. There's also another short percolating in the depths of my brain. I'm only getting bits and pieces of it at the moment. I'm sure it'll gel into something soon.

Out To Market: Three shorts are making the rounds at the moment. Got one reply, but it was just a confirmation they'd received it.

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