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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Former Ravings

My last foray into the blogosphere was the gun rights blog The Madman Raves. Begun in April 2007, Madman was my soapbox on gun rights, gun issues, and anti-gun control.

While it was a lot of fun to write, I found that after a while, I was getting buried under a mass of time-specific issues. When I was finally able to throw in my two cents, the issue had passed and something new had taken its place. Since the blog was meant to be topical and mostly current, missing out on issues would not do.

In addition, I found myself wanting to chime in on matters besides gun issues.

But the blog just wasn't the right place for that.

After taking some time off and doing a lot of thinking, I decided to close up shop and "rave" no more.

Could I have pressed on despite how I felt?

Sure. But the blog would've suffered both in quality and in focus. I didn't want to do that to my readers.

Which brings me here. To this blog.

Much closer, I feel, to the worlds I tend to inhabit.

NOTE: For those interested, The Madman Raves still lives, though not at its own domain. You can find it here.

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